5 Tips to excel in selling retail

If you have been in business any amount of time I do not have to try to convince you very hard that additional streams of income is a great idea especially in this economy and that retail is one of the best ways to add additional income in your existing business.  So since we have already established that, then we already know that you may already also have a very key ingredient to being successful in selling retail, and that is CLIENTS/ CUSTOMERS... if you have a brick and mortar business or you already offer services to people, then you are in prime position to be able to sell to potential customers. See most clients already trust you because they come to you for services, so your suggestions on products make it an easier sale. But here are a few tips to help you increase your retail sales with your existing clientele.

    1. Have designated retail space, this can be in the reception area and/or in your treatment room. This is very important because it signals to your customers that your products are not an after thought. Also it allows people that are not coming for a service the ability to just come and purchase the products you have on hand.
    2. Use products in your services if it applies. The easiest way to sell a product is to allow a client to experience a product during a service with you where they can ask all their questions and see the proper use of the products. Products used in services are more likely to be purchased by a client if used in a service than not ever being personally exposed to the product. 
    3. Have signage up about your products in the bathrooms and waiting areas. More visibility means sales period!! Keep it top of clients minds that they should be purchasing products from you. 
    4. Tell the clients that you are selling products, you don’t have to be pushy about it just let them know that you have it available. Honestly, sometimes, if you don't say anything, the clients will have no idea that you have anything to sell them other than the service that they received and people actually want to spend money with you, so give them the opportunity. 
    5. Be a product of the product and tell people about the products if you have products, use them so that you can have personal experiences with them and be able to tell people your true opinion of the products. People value authenticity and what better way to sell a product than to be a product of the product. 


I hope that these five tips were valuable to you and allowed you to increase your retail sales in your business. Retail is an avenue that can help position you to freedom without causing additional time on your books and compliments existing operations. Having retail in my day spa has tremendously helped my business and added value to our customer experience. 

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If you have not been completely sold on if retail is for you, check out my other blog Freedom with retail here,  https://www.tanyaskelker.com/blogs/news/freedom-with-retail

I AM Tanya S. Kelker spa owner, licensed beauty pro turned CEO and your favorite strategic business advisor for entrepreneurship but you can just call me your business BAE. 

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