About Me


Hi I am Tanya Sanders-Kelker, MBA; Your Business Advisor for Entrepreneurs in the Beauty and service Industries; but you can absolutely call me BAE. I am here to help you run your business like a real Business with solid foundation and systems along with working strategic plans that will increase your profits and grow your business. I specialize in assisting those leaders that are transitioning from Pro to CEO in their businesses. I am a strong believer in creating the business of your dreams with order, strategy and purpose. I believe that if you build it right the first time then you can stand the test of time and if you happen to not build it right in the beginning that the sooner you fix the foundations the faster you can grow.

A little bit about me, I am born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. I am a true southern girl. I am a proud wife of an amazing man, who happens to work within the beauty industry and my inspiration to finding my niche and hidden love for the beauty industry. I am a mother to three boys. I am a 2x soon to be 3x HBCU graduate of Thee Jackson State University where I also became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I am a licensed and practicing beauty professional. I am a sister and friend. I love life's luxuries and I believe that a sparkling water or a little rose can save the day lol. I love to travel to nice places, enjoy amazing food and drinks and indulge in different cultures and adventures. I have a love for the beauty industry and making sure a standard is set for the business side of things and I have a heart to help entrepreneurs change their perspective on the business side of their passions.

I am an author and advocate, I have been a full time entrepreneur for well over a decade; I am the owner of a business strategy consulting and accounting firm; Founder member of NvisionU health and wealth company, Owner and operator of a Multi-Six figure beauty studio, Body Party Wax & Beauty Studios in Pearl, MS that I opened in 2017 to use as a case study to show you how I went from 0 clients to 7 figures in revenue in three years; along with the strategies I teach my clients, work and have helped my clients run over a million dollars of combined annual revenue per year. I not only know how to help you on the accounting and business side I come with proven beauty and service industry experience, knowledge and strategies. I can not wait to work with you.