Our Clients

Wise counsel, solid structure, workable systems, and profitable plans are essential things that every business needs no matter the size or structure. We are equipped to work with any type of business however we prefer to work within our preferred niches of Service based businesses and beauty Industry businesses all over the U.S. and beyond to better assist their unique needs and business goals. Examples of the types of businesses within those niches are:

Service Based businesses: consultants, coaches, trainers, therapists, counselors, speakers, authors, Marketers, etc.

Beauty Industry businesses: Spas, Salon, beauty bars, barbershops, tattoo shops, mobile beauty businesses, solo beauty service providers such as estheticians, cosmetologists, barbers, tattoo artists, lash techs, PMU artists, holistic practitioners and more.

Within those niches there are three main types of clients; The Professional, The Boss, and The CEO. depending on the position you as an individual are in for your business determines the type of assistance you may need.