Broken, Burnt out, and still Blessed

Heyy CEOs

Are you feeling unfulfilled, drained, tired, unmotivated, and just blahhhh with business? Im talking at any moment, you can just let everything go! Or that you may have come to your ends and are looking for new avenues in business and life?? Let me be the first to acknowledge your hard work thus far and let you in on a secret, you are not alone and guess what It's not you, it's actually a normal phase of entrepreneurial leadership. This phase is called BURNOUT!!! Burnout happens more often than we would like to admit but it comes at you fast and a little harder when you are in leadership roles where you are constantly being pulled on to pour out yet you are not adequately being poured back into.

Trust me I know how you are feeling, i've been there a time or two. A time that comes to mind more vividly is a couple of years ago back in 2021, I was going through sooo many changes in my life. I had a career ending injury to my back, I retired from working in my day spa, my team was growing very fast and going through a lot of changes and every business I had was growing exponentially. Life was amazing, but life was hard. Life was hard because for so long I was the top income producing service provider in my spa and top income producer in my accounting and business strategy firm which caused me to think I was in control of my life and business and I am/was NOT!!! Then with the career injury my work life took a drastic change; I felt so lost as if I had lost a child that I birthed. I went from being the top income producer to being thrusted into a full time CEO role. Yes we were the most profitable we had ever been and I had been preparing for this to come one day, but just not that soon and most definitely not in these circumstances. Growing into the role of a CEO allowed me to see all the holes in my business, my personal life, and spiritual life. It was like a veil was lifted and to be honest, it revealed some very hurtful and gut punching truths. Like the people around me were not properly positioned, I had people in the friend positions that should've never left from being an associate. I was hiring too fast and firing too slow and my businesses were catching L's left and right for it. I was led by the numbers and the need to ensure that I was taking care of everyone around me to the determent of myself and my well being; honestly I thought I was being a good leader and in some aspects I was but looking back I would definitely do somethings differently. My success attracted a lot of envy and jealousy from all directions. I found myself making my business and career almost like a god to me. I served my business and career more and better than I did God and my first ministry, my family, and even myself. I became so confused in life on what I should be doing and that was so unfamiliar to me because Im the girl that has the answers and that is fearless and knows what she wants. I began to even look different to myself inside and out, yall it was a hard time!!! Having to sit still in my confusion humbled me and opened my eyes and took me on a journey that almost took my life. ( No literally I almost took my own life, Ill talk more in detail about that in another post but in the mean time here I talked a little about it in this video  ) I realized that my whole identity was wrapped into what I did and how I helped others and not who I was as a person and my God given purpose to be on this earth.  I realized that essentially I was trying to be a savior to those around me and let me tell you, as a Christian woman, Jesus is the only savior and I had to humbly let that go and allow him to take over that role that was his all along. I also realized that I needed to reevaluate and reestablish my relationship with God and walk more closely with him and follow his direction and voice. I learned that as long as I continue to do right by people, how others treat and react to me has little to do with me but a lot to do with what is going on inside of them. I also learned that being in the right environments matter and can make all the difference in the fruit your life is producing. From that pain birthed true purpose and from those tests I remained true and God turned them into my testimony. I wrote a whole book called The Lies of becoming to give you all true action steps in becoming a better leader by starting within all while scaling a successful business. Its available for Pre-Sale Starting April 6, 2023 and with the pre sale, you get a free chapter as a gift to you while you wait on your signed copy, check it out here...  

While you grab your Pre-Order copies, I did a little research on Entrepreneurial Burnout causes, symptoms, and strategies to overcome it below... Check them out so we can get into whats actually happening here so we can get you out of this. Read about BURNOUT here.

I am here standing on the other side hoping to be an example for you during this time and proof that you can come out on the other side all while avoiding some of the hurt and pain I and many others have had to experience so that you can grow and go further and faster than we have and know that I am praying for all entrepreneurs, leaders, and ceos that are experiencing burnout and I cant wait to continue to witness you winning in life and business.


Tanya S. Kelker, MBA 

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