Professional Email Addresses Matter


I get asked all the time if I think that barbers, hair stylist and other Beauty industry professionals need a professional email address. My answer of course is yes indeed. But I'll let you decide; Are you serious about your business? Do you want others to take you serious in business outside of just your craft? If you answered yes to those questions, then yes you should have a professional email address.

Let's take it a step further, when you are serious about your business and working towards expanding your business/ brand you place yourself in the best position to get opportunities to make major moves. It would be a shame to miss out on a great opportunity because your business and brand looked amateur and unprepared for major deals. Don't let something as simple as an email address block an opportunity.

Let's look at my top 3 reasons why you should have a professional business email address.

1. First impressions are lasting and as the saying goes "you are what you say you are" if you say you are a professional but your email says @yahoo, @icloud, @me, @hotmail etc. then when I first see you online from your email address it would be fair to not assume you are a professional brand or business. Hence leading me to believe you are not what you say you are.
• Many say, well my gmail account has been working for me. Ok great, but if you are starting out then why not go the extra mile to set yourself apart to look more professional? Gmail is a great avenue to start with and many established brands have done great with just that, but business as usual is changing and you should stay ahead of the curve.

2. A business email address is a low cost investment that can either be as affordable as $3/ month - $10/ month.

3. Are you looking to have an email list? If so most email campaigns can't be launched from or are moving away from allowing you to use a personal or free account such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail because it signals spam filters.


• If you have an email address that you have been using for your business that is not exactly professional, don't be discouraged, use it for mailing lists and newsletters you sign up for.

• Use or to help organize and improve your customer service for your brand/ business. This can help with business inquiries, customer service and other business related things

• You can get a business email from godaddy, vista print, gmail has a business email service as well.