Tanya S Kelker

The Lies of Becoming Book

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Book Description: The Lies of Becoming: Become a better you, Build a scaleable business by Tanya S. Kelker, MBA


Are you tired of operating under your true potential? Whether you are a seasoned business professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, the way you show up each day matters. Your presence has the ability to either develop an innovation that solves problems around the world or plant seeds of doubt that cripple the calling you’ve been put on earth to accomplish. Building a better business first starts with becoming a better leader and in The Lies of Becoming: Become a Better You, Build a Scalable Business, you will learn proven strategies to redesign your life in order to construct the dream that you envision. Tanya Sanders-Kelker, MBA helps entrepreneurs increase profit and grow their business by first helping them to develop the confidence to overcome feelings of self-doubt, in order to stand firm in their identity. Kelker shares her personal strategies and tips that have allowed her to evolve into the CEO of a massive multi-million dollar organization that serves thousands of students around the world. Her story will empower you to persevere beyond your current reality, and explore the purpose-filled life that you have been dreaming of. Readers will leave with the blueprint and roadmap to overcome any breakdown that would prevent them from receiving their breakthrough.